Equipment Library

Our Equipment Library is all about supporting people with disabilities to participate in new activities and recreational pursuits. Our Equipment Library provides two key services:

Trialling: The opportunity for people with disabilities to come and trial a piece of equipment to see if it is suitable for them. Many of the items in our Equipment Library are imported from across the world, so having them available to test and try means we can ensure it meets a client’s needs before they invest in a piece of costly equipment.

Hiring: The ability for individuals, families and groups to hire equipment on a short-term basis. Many people approach us looking for a short-term solution, such as a beach wheelchair for an upcoming beach holiday, or a specialised bicycle for a school program or trip. In these cases, rather than getting a piece of equipment that might only get used a couple of times a year we have our Equipment Library available on a short-term rental basis to meet these needs.

To trial or hire a piece of equipment in our Library you can request to meet with one of our team. They will be able to assist you with fitting and testing and will be able to talk through different options with you. To request an assessment, please fill out our Dream Enquiry Form.

If you live outside the Perth Metro area and are unable to come to us for an assessment specify this on the Dream Enquiry Form and we can discuss options with you.


Our Bikes & Trikes

We have a diverse range of equipment in our Library, particularly in the area of recreation and leisure. A key part is our range of specialised and modified bicycles. We have brought in this fleet of bicycles from across the world as part of our commitment to getting people with disabilities out into the community and enjoying cycling. We have bicycles to suit all needs and level of ability from bikes with stabilisers, handcycles and recumbent trikes to wheelchair tandems and carriages to support those with higher needs.