About Dreamfit

Dreamfit is a not for profit organisation that is making dreams possible for people with disabilities through innovative equipment solutions. Our skilled and passionate team are committed to supporting people with disabilities to get out and try new activities, engage in their community and overcome challenges in their everyday life. 

Our unique service brings together knowledge, experience and skills from a diverse range of fields to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. We are committed to not reinventing the wheel, so we focus on providing equipment solutions that are not readily available, such as sourcing specialised equipment from across the world or custom designing and building equipment from the ground up. 

Dreamfit is dedicated to working with people with all types of disabilities, all ages and all levels of ability across Australia. 


Our Mission

Making dreams possible for people with disabilities through innovative equipment solutions.

Our Vision

That every person with a disability has access to solutions that allow them to fully participate in and contribute to their communities.


Our Values

We are always aiming for great. Good is not enough for us. From the equipment we create to the experiences we deliver, we want everything we do to reflect our commitment to striving for quality and greatness.

Our clients dreams are our dreams. Our work is driven only by the goals of our clients. ‘Client-centered’ isn’t an approach for us, it’s just who we are.

We don’t conform to the status quo. To come up with solutions that truly meet the needs of our clients and change the landscape of disability engineering we know we must be creative, innovative and always challenging expectations.

We believe having a full life is more than just living. We are dedicated to supporting our clients in pursuing those things that make their lives exciting, fulfilling and meaningful.

We don’t just work at Dreamfit, we are a part of something. Our team is dynamic, diverse, dedicated and let’s be honest a little bit crazy. We thrive on our unique team environment and our ‘one in, all in’ approach.  

Where we began

Dreamfit began when our Founder Darren Lomman met Shane in a hospital car park. Darren was a third year engineering student at the University of Western Australia at the time and was trying to find an interesting project to take on for his course. Darren started talking to Shane, who had been paralysed after a motorcycle accident, about what he would love to be able to do. Shane told Darren his one dream would be to ride a motorcycle again.

As a young, enthusiastic student and passionate motorcyclist himself, Darren decided to take on the challenge of modifying his motorcycle so a person with paraplegia could ride it. This was done through a number of modifications, including hand controls and an automatic stabilising system for when the motorcycle came to a stop.

As more and more people started approaching Darren with their dreams and challenges and asking for his assistance, Dreamfit was born. 


Over the following years, Dreamfit grew from it's humble beginnings in Darren's backyard shed to our current 1500m² workshop, which is leased to us by the University of Western Australia for a peppercorn lease of $1 per year.

Our team has also grown to include Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and skilled technicians and fabricators, who all work together to come up with innovative solutions for our clients. 

We now work with hundreds of people with disabilities each year, sourcing and creating them unique solutions to fulfill their dreams and overcome challenges.